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Firm Foundation Martial Arts Academy is a Christian based school teaching Self-Defense and American Freestyle Karate in Moorseville, NC.

Martial arts classes are more than exercise. They empower us to protect ourselves, build inner and outer strength and give us confidence, clarity, and discipline.

Because of their focus on building strong bodies and minds, martial arts are an effective way to manage stress, boost energy, lose weight, achieve mental focus and enhance personal safety.

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Our Programs

Discover the great benefits of training at Firm Foundation Martial Arts.

For Kids

For Adults

Krav Maga Self-Defense

Martial Arts for Children


Our kid’s program uses traditional martial arts values to combat issues of peer pressure, self-esteem, motivation, discipline and more.

Little Leaders for age 3-5.

Black Belt Leadership for age 6 and up

Martial Arts for Adults


Regardless of age, ability or current fitness level you will quickly begin to realize the benefits of martial arts training. Karate is a great way to get fit, beat out stress and meet people with similar interests and goals.

The mental benefits of the martial arts quickly become apparent as students notice improved focus and concentration, greater stress relief and management, improved confidence and an overall greater sense of well-being. 

Krav Maga Self-Defense (age 18 and up.)


It’s no secret that society is growing increasingly dangerous and while we would like to believe that we are invulnerable to  violent attacks but no one it.

We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to learn the important skills and knowledge necessary to protect those we care for.

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